For the realization of its initiatives, Innovability pays great attention to the development of the most relevant topics in digital transformation, dealing with the most innovative technological trends such as the Internet of Things, 5G Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain from the strategic, business and application point of view.

For this reason it has created INNOVABILITY CIRCLE, a program reserved for independent experts and important company representatives – coming mainly from user companies – who are involved in the various activities according to their skills and availability, with the aim of enriching the comparison and supporting the development of the community of business players.

participation is by invitation, free and reserved to companies we have selected


Opportunities for discussion with technological players in thematic confidential meetings, in an informal and interactive context and absence of  any audience.

The meetings take place online or face to face at our conferences.

We periodically invite Circle Members to attend confidential meetings, where representatives of user, public administration and research companies meet in thematic working tables with technology providers. The format promotes the exchange of comments and questions with the support of experts and the coordination of a moderator, in the absence of audience.

Each meeting is limited to a dozen participants to enable effective interaction for all.


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In a world where the arrival of new “disruptive” technologies is increasingly frenetic and the impacts on business models and organizations are increasingly profound, it is necessary for those who lead digital innovation in the company to confront their peers in other organizations , or receive technological insights as “neutral” and “concrete” as possible, avoiding fashions and buzzwords.

INNOVABILITY CIRCLE is a new initiative that cancels the delays of traditional aggregation methods such as business associations but also the lack of organization and “physical” networking of communities on social media. The participants will have no pre-established commitments and, solely on the basis of their interests, will be able to choose from time to time the proposed initiatives.


  • Tech Insights – Develop concrete knowledge on technology trends and business impacts
  • Peer-2-Peer Checks – Discuss with colleagues from other organizations
  • Solutions Scouting – Greater efficiency and effectiveness in the discovery of technology solutions
  • Beyond Open Innovation – Informal but concrete scouting of innovative startups
  • Corporate Excellence – Present the company to attract the best partners and collaborators
  • Personal branding – Telling personal experience to expand contacts and opportunities

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